Surviving the Fourth


The fourth is just about here! It feels like everyone is already into their holiday mindset. BBQ’s, beers & pool floats. That sounds glorious doesn’t it?! 

So, how do we stay on track with our wellness goals while hopping between parties and buffet tables?

Easy…. you do the same thing you do every other day of the week.  Remember over here on this side of the inter webs, d*et is a four letter word that is forbidden in our space. Diet implies temporary. It implies restriction and it almost always means deprivation. All things that we simply just don’t believe in. 

Why? Because we don’t think a holiday should set you off course. We don’t think a holiday should have guilt attached to it or include fasting for the week leading up to it.


'“Nobody ever derailed their goal train in one day of party indulgences. Also, no one made it to their goals in one day. 


Then, how do we make it through? Well, first, we start our day with a workout.  If you can’t make it out to an organized workout or to your gym then get out and walk briskly for 20 min. Do 10 pushups, 10 squats & 10 burpees for 3 sets. It doesn’t matter, the point is simply that you are getting in some intentional movement and holding space in your routine for it. [If you’re free at 9am tomorrow join us for our community workout!]


Next up, we are going to make sure we are getting our water in before we even leave the house and we are also going to EAT BEFORE WE GO! Say Whhhhhat?  That sounds counter productive doesn’t it? Well.. would you go grocery shopping hungry? No. It’s the exact same sentiment here.

Be prepared to take a dish with you that you know will be okay for you to munch on and will align with your goals. 

When you get to the party:

  • Alternate a water in between every cocktail

  • Make a deal with yourself that you will find some protein

  • Before you start loading up your plate - scope out your choices and be conscious about them!

  • If there are too many desserts calling to/for you, make a decision to cut them in half or split them with someone so that you can get the taste of multiple treats but only half of the calories

  • Get out and be the favorite adult amongst the kids. Run around, push them on the swing, chose to be active over sitting on the chair all day.


Holiday_Party Hacks.png

Nobody ever derailed their goal train in one day of party indulgences. Also, no one made it to their goals in one day.  Have fun, relax and play hard. Keep in mind that nothing on that table is off limits. It’s not your one and only chance to eat anything that’s there. Sometimes, when we keep this in mind it allows us to better keep the perspective. If you go in thinking, this is the last cookie I’ll eat until Christmas cookie season - then chances are you’re going to WAY over indulge. But, if you go in thinking I can have another cookie tomorrow if I want, and remove the scarcity of sweets, it’s a totally different mind set.

There is one last thing I would like to add in here when we talk about surviving the holiday.  Especially a holiday like the 4th…. The focus always seems to be on what we are eating.  What about our hearts and our minds? There is no rule that says you have to go somewhere and be around anyone (family or not) who makes you feel anything but happy. So, don’t let any invite make you feel coerced and cornered into going or staying especially if you know it isn’t healthy for you.  

Remember, health comes in a lot of different variations and it is up to us to protect our own health at any cost. So, go have fun! Eat, drink, be merry, and celebrate the freedom that is our country! 


TABITHA SWEENEY is the founder and owner of Vitality Buffalo. Vitality Buffalo is a fitness studio specializing in family friendly fitness.