Things are changing over here and I am so pumped up! Honestly, the energy is running so high that it’s a little hard to keep upon the amount of sleep my kids allow me to get!

Things are starting to come together in creating my ultimate vision & I can FEEL it building.  We are working hard to transform our “kitchen” into a lounge for the older kids or mamas who want to sip on coffee and hang out after class. We have updated our scheduling page to be able to book assessments, goal check ins & pop in hours at your own convenience.  

At this point in our journey, I am so excited to OFFICIALLY announce that our package selection & services have expanded, making sure that we have something for EVERYONE on our menu!!

We currently have 7 different class types [plus KBH] and  40… yes FORTY class times on the schedule!

Goodness— that’s a pretty intense schedule.  We are hosting everything from strength & bootcamp style classes, to dance fitness & barre, yet still have more available, like core & floor and VIVA!  

Summer 2019 Schedule

Summer 2019 Schedule

So, this blog right here is meant to take you through all of our options in once place, instead of making you flip through the website and go back and forth.

Let's start with our classes:

All of our classes are structured for only 30 minutes and do not include a warm up and cool down.  WHY? Because let's face it most of us are trying to sandwich that workout in between getting the kids off the bus and getting them over to the field for t-ball practice.  Life is our warm up and life is our cool down. The studio is always open before and after classes to do a warm up/cool down on your own and we absolutely do encourage you to stretch as much as possible. Our classes can also be stacked back to back to make longer workouts if you have the time & energy for that. We also promise that we can deliver results in a quick 30!

KB30 -   This is the perfect combination of cardio & strength.  The entire class is based around kettlebells & it is open to drop ins.
MIX - This is the cardio end of a bootcamp style class.  We are going to get your heart rate up by slamming things, swinging things & maybe a little bit of jumping. *Baby Wearing Available
BARRE - This is an intense, yet low impact class where you’ll find strength building & body toning class that is inspired by ballet. *Baby Wearing Available
IN30 - The strength side of a bootcamp style class.  We like to lift heavy things and challenge ourselves to a full body workout. *Baby Wearing Available
CORE & FLOOR - This is where we will build our strength without ever getting up off the floor [read between the lines - no burpees ever in this class].   Think planks & glute bridges over here.
MELT - Come and get low with us in this dance fit class!  Remember when we used to dance like this in heels at 2am?!  *Baby Wearing Available
VIVA - This one changes every few weeks….. Check our scheduling page for the most updated calendar.  Here we are bringing in guest instructors to try out new “theme” classes such as: Core De Force, Pound, Country Heat & More!
KBH* -  This is the only class not open to drop in availability.  This is a 13 week kettlebell strength building program that will take your training to the next level.  The catch - you must sign up [and attend] all 39 sessions to reap the benefits! Sessions start in January, May & September
365 - This is our signature accountability program!  This is NOT a workout, this is a group meeting where we chat about your goals & you commit in front of other people to hold you accountable.

Now, shall we talk about a bit about our packages? [New offerings below]

Our packages are created with so many things in mind. We worked really hard to make sure that each package offered something just slightly different enough that every woman and mama could pick the one that would best suit her needd. Including the option of simply DROPPING IN for a single class with no package required! All drop ins are only $10/class

First, let’s start with our FREE TRIAL!  You guys, this gives you UNLIMITED access to the studio for 7 days [starting on your first visit, not the day you “buy” it] completely FREE!!! Even if you only get in here for 1 hour, that’s still a $20 savings.  Now, as you can imagine, this offer is only good for those who have never before been to the studio before! It allows them to fully check it out and decide if this is the right option for them, as we aren’t your typical studio!

Right now, we have an INCREDIBLE SUMMER SPECIAL going on.  It all starts the day you purchase it and runs through August 31.  It includes 24 classes that can be stacked any given way to best fit your schedule for only $129.  That’s less than $6/class! This is available to all NEW & RETURNING tribe members only. *Being defined as those who have not held an active package or been to a class within the past 60 days.   This is probably one of the absolute best deals we have ever offered & it won’t be back again until next summer!

We have added more CLASS PACKS [a.k.a. punchcards] to the menu.  You can now pick up a pack of 5, 12 or 18 classes. Here’s the perk of this package:  its for anyone who is not ready to commit. The classes NEVER expire so there is no rush to use them before your time runs out [and you feel you wasted your money].  You also have the added benefit & option to add a second class on for only $5 cash [or venmo] if you want to stay for a full hour. Here’s a hack- the $5 is the cheapest way to make an hour, BUT we can’t always guarantee that there will be an open space.  So if you want to guarantee you get a spot [ehhhhem - barre], then you have to book both classes out of your class pack.

For our busiest and financially responsible members who are also committed to themselves and getting results, we offer our STAY FIT PASS.  This gives you 8 classes a month to use any way you like and the option to pay $5 a class once your included 8 are used. This package renews automatically each month & INCLUDES an individual monthly goal check-in option as well as unlimited 365 group accountability meetings.   

For those who are truly committed to themselves, we offer our UNLIMITED MONTH-TO-MONTH auto renew option.  This gives you all of the benefits and perks of the studio along with special pricing on premium packages likes KBH. It includes unlimited classes, pop in hours & 365 accountability meetings as well as an individual monthly goal check-in option.   

Our newest package that we are unveiling for the summer is our UNLIMITED WEEK-TO-WEEK auto renew option.  This is perfect for anyone who likes the flexibility to come and go and start and stop with us given their crazy busy schedule.  This one gives you access to unlimited classes, pop ins & 365 accountability meetings on the schedule. You have the perk to cancel anytime before your next payment is scheduled.  Here’s the catch, we are offering this for a KILLER price through the summer, but Labor Day weekend, the price is going up for all who are not actively enrolled in the package! So, don’t wait to try this one out.

A few details to be aware of:

  • Both unlimited options are available without autopay for a slightly different price - more details available at the front desk.

  • The month to month [auto renew] options have a 30 day cancellation policy.

  • Refunds will not be given for autopay cancellations made after a scheduled payment, however, time & classes of the package will be honored through the original end date.

As always, call or text with any questions so I can get back to you ASAP! The women in these walls are real. Wherever you are in your journey, all roads lead to Vitality Buffalo! [Unless you really don’t like being around kids, cause they’re here, too]


TABITHA SWEENEY is the founder and owner of Vitality Buffalo. Vitality Buffalo is a fitness studio specializing in family friendly fitness.