Harvesting Habits

I don’t know how you run your ship, but for me and myself, I’ve always seen the fall/holiday season as one of indulgences. Not only are we approaching the last 2 months of the year— these are the last 2 months of the DECADE! 

Fall usually begins for me with the heavy, dark beers and making all the yummy treats with the apples our family picked. Not far behind that is the Halloween candy and all the comfort foods of fall. Leading into the Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas cookies has me feeling like less than myself by January; cue the resolutions that usually include some sort of eating reform.

Until I found Vitality Buffalo, I didn’t realize that diet was a four letter word, and not the good kind. All the diets I’ve been on either don’t last, or I put the weight back on when I’m done. I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times “lifestyle changes” are the key. They are for sure a piece of the puzzle, but what I want to share with you today is how I harvested some habits, and some fun ways for you to make some “Harvest Habits” this season!

So… I harvested (through multiple sources) some daily habits and weekly goals that have helped me shed inches and pounds and keep them off long term. 

The first one that I swear by of is drinking water with the juice of half of a lemon in the morning to get my digestion kickstarted. I also learned that I should wait 20 minutes before eating anything to let those lemon enzymes do their job. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s helped me immensely! 

My next habit is one I use to regulate the days I’ve gone overboard. When the comfort food gets the best of me and I’m not myself, I load up on the good stuff. By this I mean the Whole Foods. Tons of protein, salad and fruit. Somewhere in my head I’m balancing out the crap from the day before with some dense nutrients and plenty of water so that I don’t feel like my progress is getting away from me. In the studio, Tabitha taught me it's about progress, not perfection. I’m not going to count points and stay on a depriving diet all my life, so why should my eating look like that now? I find the balance that works for me and lets me enjoy myself. It’s really freeing! 

Another habit I’ve been using consistently is intentional movement. I literally make myself take a walk, go to a workout class, or stretch with some yoga poses daily. I realize that when I don’t do it, I feel like less than myself in some way— I feel depressed, sluggish, bloated or tight/sore. Do I miss some days? Yes. But overall, sticking with these habits has helped me keep the weight off and my energy high. And, let’s face it ladies/mamas… we are all chasing the energy dragon!

There are some sweet promotions going on at the Vitality Buffalo studio in Blasdell this month. And if you’re not local to the Southtowns, you can rest assured that it’s super easy to get there; it’s just 4 minutes from either route 5 off the skyway or 2 minutes from the Milestrip exit off the 90.


The first promo is called “Meet me at the Barre” and it’s a 6 week series on Mondays for $44. You can choose 10:00am or 6:30pm as your time slot. Here, you’ll have Tabitha shaping your booty and upping your metabolism so you can eat those extra pieces of candy or cookies guilt free (because guilt and food should never go together). The best part is that she wants you to bring your kids with you. You don’t have to get home and be away from those sweet faces after working all day. They can be next to you participating in workout or off playing in a playroom where you monitor them!

last 60.PNG

The other promo is for the woman wanting to get a serious jump on her January (or life), carving out some room for healthy habits now. This one is super special— it focuses on not only the body, but also the cobwebs upstairs (in your brain). The decade is ending and a sense of peace and well being is desired. It’s called “The Last 60” and it starts November 2nd. Along with classes, you’ll get daily support to help you create a clearing for the next decade. Topics to think about, emails to ignite your passion and effective work outs in just 30 minutes. Another part of this deal let’s you bring a friend that doubles as an accountability partner! You pay $49 and your friend pays $49. It’s like getting a month of Vitality’s Stay Fit package for free! This gives you access to any 16 classes within the last 2 months of this year! No partner? No problem! They will pair you up with another woman without a buddy on board.

Winter 2019.png

Vitality Buffalo offers 39 class times per week! Bring the babes or don’t… it can be you time or time together. Either way, I’ve found this place to be a win-win! 

Come join us and harvest yourself some Harvest Habits this fall that you can bring into the new year. Meet me at the barre or make the most of your last 60! Around here it’s easy to become the best version of you for yourself and your family! 


Dana has been a member of Vitality Buffalo since their doors opened in 2017. In 2018, she chose to jump on board and help Tabitha spread the mission of modeling strength & vulnerability to the next generation. May they grow up knowing that taking care of oneself is important and not selfish.