Tabitha & Patrick Sweeney

Hi, I’m Tabitha & I am the owner of Vitality Buffalo. This handsome stud next to me in the picture is my incredibly supportive husband who always has my back and the courage to allow me to chase my dreams. His name is Patrick and you’ll find him floating in and out of the studio in-between picking up the kids and passing through town on his way home from work.

Together we have a super sassy four year old named Charlotte and a daredevil two year old named Cal. Between the babies, this relatively new business, and the fact that we bought a 100 year old house to gut and renovate on our own -we very rarely find ourselves with nothing on our to-do list.


Dana Clothier

Dana is our Vitality Buffalo Concierge. She is hands down the best “thing” I ever found in the park and her friendship and love for Vitality have grown to mean more to me than I could ever have imagined. Not only did we properly title Dana the Director of our Welcoming Committee, because of how inviting she is to everyone who walks through the doors, we have also dubbed her our fun coordinator. She plans the majority of our sanctioned events that happen off site. From kayaking in the summer at Riverside to relaxing at the Salt Caves in a wind storm she never lets us down.

In addition to always making us smile and laugh her and her husband Pat have two incredible children.


Rose Carcione

Rose keeps us company at the front desk on Wednesday & Friday evenings. Her teacher spirit guides us in creative ways with keeping the little ones occupied and learning even when they are here to play! Her heart is huge & her laugh is contagious. We are so happy to have this sweet mama as part of our administrative team & we are even luckier when she brings her two beautiful little ladies along with her!


Khrista Tabak

She may be my sister, so I may be a little bit bias about how awesome she is but she is also a local art teacher and has blessed us with all of her knowledge of photography and graphic design. Without Khrista we would still would not even have so much as a logo, let alone signs on the windows. She is responsible for almost every printed marketing material that we have, as well as hundreds of hours of design on other pieces for us. She also is the artist behind our hand painted kettlebells that we have for sale.

I can say without a doubt that we would be nothing if it wasn’t for having this incredibly talented chick on our team!


Alyson Borowczyk

Aly is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has worked as a group fitness instructor at several gyms in Western New York. She has also has a background in performing arts, formerly working as a singer, theme park performer, and commercial and stage actress. She is excited to bring her passion for music and dance to Vitality Buffalo’s Melt class! Aly is the proud mommy of a baby boy, Maximilian, wife to her incredible husband Aaron, and dog mom to her cockapoo Pierogi.


Danielle Fraser

You will find Danielle around the studio at those bright and early 5:30am classes & Thursday mornings you will typically find her leading the class! She is one of the most loyal and honest friends I have ever made and we are so lucky to have her joining us as she begins expanding her fitness career (you know in addition to everything else she does - working full time at Moog, momming two small humans and wifing to her awesome husband).


Allison Higgins

Allison is an experienced yoga instructor and mental health counselor bringing her knowledge and expertise to our Stretch & Balance class every Thursday evening. Trained through the Himalayan Institute Allison is committed to helping other moms find their own level of inner peace while still #momming. She and her husband have two beautiful little girls ages 1 and 4!