JUNE 3, 2019 - AUGUST 31, 2019

Additional important dates:
6/1                11:00am         Orientation & Assessments
6/3 7:00pm First Workout
8/26-8/31          *by appointment                  Final Assessments
8/31 9:00am Final Workout     
9/4 7:00pm Awards & Celebration

KBH taught me weights are not scary and that you can lose weight not doing cardio 24/7 - Erin R [KBH 2018]

Monday at 7pm I Wednesday at 7pm I Saturday at 9am

*Must commit to all three days/week.  
If you have scheduling conflicts or concerns please give us a call to chat 716-239-6500

KBH changed my body compositionā€” I lost inches and gained a momentum of movement thats has shaped my lifestyle, long term. To this day, I am still healthier than when I started. I make better choices for myself nutritionally and make working out a priority. I credit this boost in heath to completing KBH! -Dana C. [KBH 2018]

39 KBH sessions PLUS 39 thirty-minute bonus sessions following

- In person nutrition & goal accountability meetings & progress checks
- Access to a private facebook group
- A playroom for the kids
- Learn proper technique and kettlebell skills along with how to get a killer workout and results in as little as 20 minutes
- Friendship and a tribe that is unparalleled
- A judgement free zone with NO MIRRORS

For me KBH was a step out of my comfort zone but I could not have LOVED the classes more!! Not only did it build my strength but KBH was the confidence boost I needed. What I gained from the classes and the great group of ladies carried over into all parts of my life. I am so looking forward to doing KBH again!! - Christine G. [KBH 2018]

Expect to get STRONGER, to get LEANER and get RESULTS.

Each KBH session is 30 minutes of intense training using a kettlebell complex module.  This means that we complete all reps without setting the bells down before we rest.  We rest for timed sets and then we go again.  The program is tried and true and gets RESULTS.  

After each session participants will have the option to stay for an additional complimentary session of the class that follows. 

Wednesdays will include a nutrition & goals check-in to keep all participants accountable to their end goals.

I loved KBH! I loved getting strong! And lifting heavy things! It was definitely a class I looked forward to. Our group became great friends! We looked forward to seeing each other and motivating each other each class! You might have thought you couldn't do it alone, but together, we achieved so much!! - Dawn C. [KBH 2018]


This is a level 2 challenge.  

That means that the first week will be on-boarding & learning the movements.  At the end of the first week you MUST be able to complete the movements to the satisfaction of the studio in order to move forward into week two of the challenge.  If you are uncomfortable with the movements or are unable to execute them safely your registration fee will be refunded to you. 

** SAFETY is always our number one priority.  In order for us to ensure the safety of everyone participating in this program children (under the age of 12) will NOT be permitted to be on the floor with us during the KBH  sets.  
Baby gates will be placed in front of the kids room & the kitchen, both of which will be open and available to the kids.  After the LAST set of KBH is COMPLETED we will take the gates down and will resume "normal" Vitality practices.  
This is a non-negotiable policy of this program to keep everyone (children & moms) safe.  



Use Code: KBHEARLYBIRD [Valid 5/17-5/22]

Current Members: Come to the front desk to register!