Q: What is the difference between the In30 class and The Mix class?

A: The short answer is none.  What we have done was create an A/B schedule to allow for the most amount of flexibility as possible.  That means that every class will give you enough of a sweat and workout in a stand alone half hour, but will also compliment the next class on the schedule so that you could stay for an hour on the days you're feeling it.  We simply needed two separate names so that people didn't think the class would repeat for the second half hour!  

Both classes offer a condensed bootcamp style workout with a splash of abs and cardio. 



Q: What does my membership include?

A:  Membership provides you with unlimited access to all of the fitness classes plus access to a range of Members Only Perks and Discounts offered throughout the year. 


Q: What does my Punchcard include?

A:  The punchcard option is a great option for those who are unsure how consistently they can make it in for a workout.   It offers 18-thirty minute classes that NEVER expire.  Punchcard holders have the option of turning their half hour class into a full hour for an additional $5 {paid in studio}. *Punchcard holders are not eligible for Member Only Perks on premium programs such as KBH or C25K.

I'm a beginner

Q:  Will any of these Classes be to difficult for me?

A:  All of our classes at Vitality Buffalo are suited for ALL levels.  We can modify any of our workouts for those of you new to your fitness journey or suffering from injuries or chronic pain. 

I'm Advanced

Q:  Will any of these classes be to easy for me?

A:  All of our classes at Vitality Buffalo are suited for all levels.  We're happy to amp up any of our moves for those of you looking to work it to the max.


Q: Am I likely to get bored doing the same workouts week in & week out?

A: Fear not!  Every class is different, every single time.  The variations in format and movements provide a perfect balance to the structure that helps keep you grounded week to week.


Q:  How do I know who my instructor will be? 

A:  All classes are personally led by Tabitha Sweeney, Founder and Owner of Vitality Buffalo.  In the event that she is unable to teach a class, she coordinates with a few pretty amazing fitness professionals in the area who will sub in for her.


Q:  Help what do I wear?

A:  Tabitha leads all classes barefoot and recommends clients do the same.  Allowing for full use of your foot helps you engage your muscles in a whole new way, completely changing your lift and your strength.  If you're not comfortable being barefoot, thats totally fine, you can wear socks or a pair of clean sneakers.  

Other than that wear comfy clothes and be prepared to sweat! 


Q: I'm a lady and I like to look like one.  Will strength training make me bulky?

A:  Think again!  Although many women shy away from strength training, building lean muscle mass helps you to burn more calories and look more toned.  And, more importantly to us, building your strength builds your power.  At Vitality Buffalo we're all about women's empowerment.

Assessing Change

Q: How can I tell if I'm really seeing a change, not just in my weight, but in my overall health?

A:  Body Composition Assessments and Tracking are available to everyone who comes through our doors.  We also offer a fee-based Nutrition program for those looking to cultivate focus and arenas on food-based health.


Q: How will I know if the studio closes for an emergency?

A: Although we never anticipate needing to close, lets face it we all signed up to live in Buffalo and we aren't exactly known for easy winter living.  In the rare event that the studio needs to close due to weather or emergency,  closures will be listed in two places:

  1. Your In-box (check your email!)
  2. On our Facebook page

If you are ever in doubt you are always welcome to give us a call or shoot us a text at 716.239.6500 

The Rules

Q: Are there are rules that I need to make sure I am aware before I decide to join?

A: While we wish we didn't have to have any rules at all that isn't life.  So we will make this list as short and easy as possible.  Here goes:

  1. All parents are responsible for their children.  The studio reserves the right to ask a parent & child to leave for behavior that is deemed unsafe or disrespectful to others and/or the studio itself.  
  2. If you're uncomfortable working out barefoot please bring a clean pair of sneakers with you to change into so that you are not tracking dirt, mud, rain, snow into the studio.
  3. If you forget to sign up for a class that's ok but please note, if the class is full and you didn't sign up you may be unable to participate.
  4. Out of courtesy to others please cancel out of a class that you are unable to make 60 minutes prior to the start time.