Our signature Nutrition & Accountability program. We choose to focus on small daily habits to make lifestyle changes centered around what YOU are READY to change. We strive for progress, never perfection as we share our goals, recipes, ideas and tips to help keep one another accountable.

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Get strong with this 30 minute bootcamp style class. You will always be surprised when you walk in - the format, moves and style of every class varies day to day.

Less strength training but more cardio & core work. We will be up and down and moving all around as we work every part of the body.


A full kettlebell only workout that makes for the perfect combination of cardio and strength. This class will get your heart pumping and leave you sweaty and feeling strong.

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This is a strength building class from the floor. We will use bells, bands and more throughout this low impact floor class.  


Cool down and stretch out those achy muscles in this relaxing yoga inspired class. This one is more about the stretch than anything else


This dance fit cardio class is fun for all and perfect for any baby wearing mama out there.


*This class is NOT available to drop ins. This is a 13 week program that promises incredible results as you transform your health and your strength. The next start date is June 3, 2019. Please contact the studio if you are interested in learning more.