Walk Out Of Darkness.jpg

September 7, 2019
Registration: 8:30am
Walk Begins: 10:00am

When we started Vitality Buffalo we knew that we wanted to find a cause to support and rally behind.  Little did we know that the cause would find us, or that it would be the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  This organization has come to mean the whole world to my little family. 

You can read more about my family’s personal struggle with depression and suicide here.

Last year we had over 40 people on our team and raised just under $800 dollars to support the cause.  This year I want to do even better. I would also want to get a true group photo, which we were not successful in getting last year! 

Help us as we aim to raise over $1,000 in 2019.


Patrick and I were honored last year as we stood on the stage for the opening ceremony while our story was read to the crowd.  The flood of emotions that we experienced as we stood next to the many others with their own story, was simply incredible.  

We were overcome with grief, tears, and gratitude as well as acutely aware as to how differently our story could have ended.   The most amazing scene though was standing there and looking out to see the outpouring of love and support, not only from everyone in our team t-shirt but as a city. 

We will walk again in 2019 as a studio, as a community and as a tribe to help dismantle the stigma associated with mental illness and to break the silence that surrounds suicide.